Our Services

Business Solutions Consulting

We design and develop process-driven solutions that help integrate client’s:-

  • corporate strategies and business practices,
  • strategic requirements into operational working processes, fast and effectively.
  • automating initiatives in a way that leads to a flexible process execution to achieve desired cost effect

Implementation Services 

We work with partners to bring solutions that enable our clients to excel in their market segment. 

We provide full range of implementation services such as:- 

  • project management,
  • on site support (pre and post implementation),
  • user training,
  • process documentation and many others

Technology Services 

With our agile and proven delivery methodology, we dramatically reduce the time required to execute your IT strategy. 

We offer access to cutting-edge technologies through industry-specific partnerships and alliances in these areas:- 

  • Data Cleansing & Migration Services - using Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Tool to convert source data into target data by eliminating errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies, i.e. Cleaning and Transforming to get… High-quality data
  • Industrial Automation Services - to provide technology development services in the domains of industrial automation, home and office security, security of assets on the road, asset & vehicle tracking/monitoring, and automatic meter reading (AMR) using ZigBee for gas, water and electricity
  • Mobile Solutions - to increase the productivity of field workforce (on site or off-site) with mobile technologies
  • Business Information Management (Business Intelligence) - to set your organization apart through effective management and interpretation of data
  • Infrastructure and Security - to develop flexible, secure IT infrastructure that enhances functionality at lower cost

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